Jul 30, 2013

JAL to kick start new J TEMP°, J EXPRESS services

Japan Airlines will soon begin to offer its new products/services for hauling cargoes - J TEMP° and J EXPRESS. The J TEMP° service will cater to pharmaceutical products, chemicals and perishable goods, offering a designated fee/pricing system and various tools such as specialized covers that control the sudden changes in temperature caused by the radiant heat from the sun. Meanwhile, the J EXPRESS will be a service that meets the transport requirements of customers, including the cargo acceptance/carriage cutoff and delivery times. It will offer a wide range of options to address the demand for the transport of express cargoes as it has the ability to handle of express cargoes that exceed 300 kilogram per batch, among other things.

The J TEMP° service is an upgraded version of the hitherto controlled-temperature transport service J COOL. The latter utilized only refrigerated containers that use dry ice, but the former will be able to use various types of containers and devices for controlling temperature. J TEMP° will offer a wide range of temperature zones for various cargoes, with their corresponding fees. It can be used by regular shippers. Further, it will not be limited to cargoes to/from Japan as it will also move cargoes between countries outside Japan.

As a new device, J TEMP° will offer the use of specialized covers - temperature-controlled covers for air transport that use non-woven fabric made of 100% high-density polyethylene. By wrapping the containers and pallets with the specialized covers when they are temporarily stored at the airport's ramps or moved to the cargo warehouse from the ramps, the rise in the temperature of the cargoes due to the radiant heat of the sun can be prevented. The specialized covers will also help stop excessive condensation and dryness, as well as water damage. And since they are easy to use - they are just wrapped on the cargoes - their charge will also be inexpensive.

JAL has so far been coping with express cargoes through its J SPEED service, but it has decided to offer the new tailor-made express transport service J EXPRESS. The company's Cargo & Mail Division claims that, "Express transport has been gaining a lot of attention from different angles in recent years. We will release this new service as a specialized product." The J SPEED enforced a predetermined cutoff for the acceptance of cargo carry-in at the warehouse. With the J EXPRESS, however, the service is customized to the movement of the express cargoes of customers. "The cargo turnover cutoff, carry-in line, delivery time and departure time can all be adjusted," noted the above official.

JAL is geared to build a transport system in partnership with shippers, forwarders and all its other customers. It envisions that the above new services will be utilized over a long period of time.

(※Photo is special cover that prevents the temperature increase of a cargo)

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