Aug 23, 2013

Furuno Electric to digitize import/export documents

Furuno Electric Co. will computerize the import/export documents in its main marine equipment business within this year. In conjunction with the full-fledged rollout of the ERP, the company has already digitized the trade documents related to exports in March this year and plans to further expand the scope of such computerization to include documents associated with imports in the future. With this, Furuno aims to enhance the effectiveness of its document generation/storage operations, as well as centralize the management of all trade/logistics-related information through electronic data in order to boost the quality of its services and security. Computerization will also be implemented on customs clearance-related documents that the company is slated to offer in 2017.

Furuno Electric will introduce the ERP system to the international section of its marine equipment division on November 9, with Phase 2 of the project to be rolled out to the accounting/domestic section of the same division in March next year. Now in line with this program, it established a new management system for trade documents.

The company will link the above system with the ERP and then generate documents related to exports through the trade document management system based on the such data as sales and shipping that have been compiled in the integrated database of the ERP. It will store all documents in electronic format. The same method will be applied on the import segment, with customs-related ledgers and other documents to be digitized as well.

With digitization, documents do not have to be stored in paper form anymore, hence, it is naturally expected to enhance the efficiency of document generation and safekeeping. Prior to the introduction of the system, the same invoice, for instance, had different formats per department, so there were deviations in the generation method and procedure. Now by utilizing the system, the work will also be standardized.

Centralizing the control of information through the system will also lead to reinforced security and a better system for observing the pertinent legislations. The company obtained the approval as an authorized economic operator (AEO) in late 2008. Prior to the full-fledged start in June of the new KS/RA system (known shipper/regulated agent system), Furuno has also promoted moves to comply with security regulations, receiving accreditation as a new KS in spring this year. "The demand for security is growing worldwide. We need to further beef up our own management system in order to smoothly operate in the logistics segment," claimed an official from the international section of the marine equipment division.

In addition, the Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidation System (NACCS) is scheduled to be upgraded in 2017. With this, customs clearance-related documents will be computerized in principle, so it is projected that the marine cargo companies will also work to cope with such change. In light of this event, Furuno has made major investments in systems.

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