Aug 30, 2013

ANA Group to invest in Myanmar airline company

The All-Nippon Airways (ANA) Group announced on August 27 that it has entered into a basic agreement with Myanmar's private airline company Asian Wings Airways Limited (AWA) in relation to capital alliance.

The above deal marks the first time that a foreign airline will invest in a private airline company in Myanmar. Under the agreement, ANA will invest approximately Y2.5 billion to acquire a 49% stake in AWA.

stablished in January 2011, AWA is an airline with a capital of about Y207 million. Its annual sales stand at around Y1,747 million. It has a workforce made up around 350 employees. It owns two ATR72 planes and an A321 aircraft, currently operating routes in 13 cities within Myanmar. The company plans to foray into international flights in October this year. It also aims to build a fleet of 10 A320 plans by 2018.

The ANA Group will provide support toward the reinforcement of safety/punctuality in operation and maintenance, as well as the enhancement of service quality. With daily flights between Narita and Yangon set to kick off on September 30, ANA plans to eventually enlarge the aircrafts it uses in its services. It is also projecting enhanced connectivity of the beyond flights (AWA flights) to the major cities in Myanmar.

Under its FY2013-15 medium-term management strategy, the Group has laid out its policy of engaging in diversification strategies centering on airline-related business through such means as making strategic investments in Asia.

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