Sept 4, 2013

Japan-Asia cargo traffic enjoys surges in imports, exports in July

Containerized cargo traffic in the Japan-Asia trade route in July this year enjoyed firm growth, ballooning to 361,000 TEUs for the major operators in the lane, up 5.9% from the same period a year earlier. Broken down, exports from Japan jumped 7.7% to 168,000 TEUs, while imports to Japan from various Asian countries surged 4.4% to 193,000 TEUs. With regard to exports, shipments to Vietnam manifested a sharp rise, while those to China, where the export volume is large, and the Philippines posted double-digit increases. As for imports, shipments from the Southeast Asian countries surpassed last year's figures across the board. Meanwhile, the volume of cargoes hauled in the entire intra-Asia trade routes climbed 9.6% from a year earlier to 1.17 million TEUs.

Destination-wise, shipments to North/East China jumped 10% from last year to 45,000 TEUs, while those to South China surged 19.1% to 16,000 TEUs, indicating that exports to China, where large volumes of cargoes are moved, evolved on a bullish tone. Exports to South Korea grew 21% to 16,000 TEUs, shipments to Hong Kong swelled 16.2% to 15,000 TEUs, cargoes hauled to the Philippines climbed 16.9% to 7,000 TEUs and those to Vietnam soared 39% to 10,000 TEUs, all manifesting double-digit increases. Shipments to Malaysia also expanded on a firm note at 8,000 TEUs, up 8.5% from the same month last year. Even exports to Cambodia, where only a small volume of cargoes are shipped, ballooned 104.3% to 1,000 TEUs, while those to Myanmar grew 31% to 400 TEUs.

On the contrary, shipments to Taiwan dipped 2.7% to 17,000 TEUs, while those to Thailand dropped 12% to 19,000, those to Singapore slipped 3.8% to 4,000 TEUs and those to Indonesia plunged 11.7% to 9,000 TEUs, all of which suffering year-on-year contractions.

Now with regard to imports to Japan, cargoes originating from Vietnam climbed 42.5% to 12,000 TEUs, shipments from Malaysia grew 34.9% to 7,000 TEUs and those from the Philippines surged 30.8% to 9,000 TEUs. Meanwhile, shipments from North/East China, where the cargo volumes are large, increased 9.3% to 47,000 TEUs, those originating from Thailand jumped 3.4% to 21,000 TEUs, cargoes from Indonesia surged 8.4% to 13,000 TEUs and shipments from Singapore swelled 6.5% to 4,000 TEUs, with all lanes enjoying year-on-year surges. The volume of cargoes hauled from Cambodia, where the shipments are small in volume, jumped 58.5% to 200 TEUs, while those coming from Myanmar grew 24.4% to 500 TEUs.

However, shipments originating from South China, where the cargo volume is large, dropped slightly lower than last year's level by 0.6% to 36,000 TEUs, while cargoes from Taiwan dipped 2% to 17,000 TEUs and shipments from South Korea and Hong Kong slipped 16.8% and 15.5% to 17,000 TEUs and 10,000 TEUs, respectively.

(※Photo is Port of Ho Chi Min)

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