Sept 6, 2013

Yamato Transport to kick off "International Cool TA-Q-BIN "

Yamato Transport Co. (with headquarters in Tokyo's Chuo-ku and under its president, Masaki Yamauchi), a subsidiary of Yamato Holdings Co., announced on September 5 that it will begin offering "International Cool TA-Q-BIN", a new small-lot cold transport service to overseas destinations, starting with cargoes to Hong Kong on October 28. The company will haul cargoes under constant temperature to their final destinations in Hong Kong from the nationwide bases in Japan with the use of two temperature zones, comprising the refrigerated (2-10 degrees C) and frozen (up to minus 15 degrees C) temperature systems. The cargoes will be hauled by air to the Hong Kong International Airport from Haneda airport and other major airports in Japan via the Okinawa Cargo Hub of All Nippon Airways (ANA).

The company projects transport demand mainly in the fields of agricultural/fishery products to Asia from Japan, as well as industrial products and samples that require temperature control, among other cargoes. Exports of agricultural/fishery products in particular are projected to grow thanks to the rising needs in the Asian market and the accelerated liberalization of trade in the region through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). However, there has been no constant cold temperature transport service catering to small-lot cargoes that can be used from Japan thus far.

Yamato will use its own refrigerated trucks for hauling the cargoes to Haneda and other major airports in the country from the producers of the agricultural/fishery products and other customers. In the air transport of cargoes via the Okinawa hub, it will utilize dedicated containers for refrigerated and frozen goods. At the arrival point in Hong Kong, Yamato Transport (Hong Kong) will utilize its own refrigerated carts and other dedicated facilities in undertaking a series of procedures, up to quarantine/customs clearance and delivery.

Cargoes consolidated throughout the day in Kanto area, Osaka and Okinawa, together with the cargoes received at other regions until the morning of the same day, will be hauled to their final delivery destinations in Hong Kong at/after 2:00PM on the following day. The cargoes will then be received individually in Hong Kong. The customers who have entered into an agreement with the company will be required to use the "waybill issuance software B2" that can generate the waybill using a computer.

Aside from Hong Kong, Yamato currently offers the International TA-Q-BIN service for cargoes bound for Taiwan, Shanghai, Singapore and Malaysia. In the future, it intends to expand the scope of the International Cool TA-Q-BIN service to the countries/regions where the International TA-Q-BIN can deliver cargoes.

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