Oct 17, 2013

Singapore holds ACLA 2013

Hiroshi Etani, president, Rakuten Logistics

[Reporting from Singapore, Oct 16]

The Air Cargo & Logistics Asia 2013 (ACLA 2013), the biennial conference and exhibit of the air and logistics sector, was held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on October 16. Hiroshi Etani, president of Rakuten Logistics, took the rostrum at the start of the conference to deliver a keynote speech, discussing in detail the activities being mounted by his company. He claimed that the creation of an eco-logistics platform would be the clincher in advancing the B-to-B-to-C type of e-commerce in the market. The conference and exhibition was held until October 18.

The exhibition area featured more than 30 booths that were set up by various groups related to airlines, forwarders, logistics firms, handling companies, ULD, IT solutions, aircraft manufacturers and the press/publications, who were there to promote their products and businesses to the guests who came. Kaiji Press, who took part in the event as a media sponsor, distributed to the guests the Autumn Feature - English edition, the second part of Daily CARGO that it published on September 17, as well as making appeals for its Daily CARGO and the electronic version of Daily CARGO.

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