Oct 22, 2013

FIATA held World Congress in Singapore

Singapore's Minister of Transport, Tuck Lew Yiu, delivers a speech at the event's opening ceremony on October 16

The world conference of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), which was held in Singapore, drew to a close on October 19. At the ordinary general meeting that was convened on the final day of the event, the current president of the organization, Stanley Lim, stepped down, with Francesco Parisi, the current senior vice-president, to take over the vacated post. Further, the Japan International Freight Forwarders Association (JIFFA) has been officially approved as a member of the FIATA, making it the third Japanese group to get into the latter, following the Japan Freight Forwarders Federation (JFFF) and the Japan Aircargo Forwarders Association (JAFA).

At the opening ceremony on October 16, speeches were delivered by Lim, along with Tuck Lew Yiu, Singapore's Minister of Transport, and Quek Keng Lian, chairman of the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA). After the opening rites, a forum was held to talk about the international logistics and supply chain from the perspective of Singapore, where the panelists (Chong Meng Tan, CEO of PSA International, Wolfgang Baier and CEO of Singapore Post) presented their views and a lively question-and-answer portion was conducted.

The exhibit hall next to the conference area housed about 60 booths that were set up by the sponsor FIATA, the host SLA and Turkey, where the next world conference will be held next year, as well as by groups and companies related to forwarders, transport firms, ports, harbors, IT solutions and security equipment, among other industries. All such companies and organizations carried out their own PR activities through their booths. The Daily CARGO of Kaiji Press also took part in the world conference as a media partner.

Masaharu Nozawa, executive director and secretary-general of JIFFA, was present at the general assembly. In his speech after JIFFA was approved as FIATA's newest member, he said that, "We are very happy that JIFFA has been approved. Now in cooperation with the two Japanese groups that have already admitted into this organization, we will strive toward the sustainable development of FIATA and the forwarding industry."

Aside from JIFFA, three other groups became official members of FIATA at the event, comprising Paraguay's ATOPAR and Taiwan's Taipei Customers Brokers' Association (TCBA) and Taipei Airfreight Forwarders & Logistics Association of Taiwan (TAFLA).
It was announced at the event that the FIATA's World Congress in 2016 will be held in Ireland. The World Congress is slated to be convened in Istanbul, Turkey next year and then in Taiwan in 2015.

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