Nov 5, 2013

MLIT submits basic transport bill to Diet

The basic bill on transport policies has been approved by the Cabinet and submitted to the Diet last November 1. The bill stipulates the fundamental principles related to transportation, including the reinforcement of the basic needs of citizens in relation to transportation, the realization and enhancement of transport functions, and the reduction of load to the environment caused by transportation. It also calls for the formation of an international marine transport network and an international air transport network, the reinforcement of the connection of nationwide domestic transport networks and the implementation of the necessary measures in order to boost the comprehensive international competitiveness of Japan's industries and tourism segment.

Japan's socioeconomic condition is evolving, as seen in the population decline/aging population, intensifying international competition and the occurrence of major disasters. With that in mind, the MLIT formulated the basic principles for measures/programs for transportation, clarified the duties of the government and defined the fundamental elements of measures related to transportation in order to comprehensively and systematically advance policies and measures related to transportation, an indispensable foundation of the lives of citizens and economic activities. The government will also draw up the basic plan for transport policies toward the comprehensive and systematic advancement of measures related to transportation.

The bill also called for the reinforcement of Japan's international competitiveness in terms of industries and tourism. "We will form international marine and air transport networks, develop ports and airports that will become the base of such transport networks, link these networks to the nationwide domestic transport networks and implement other necessary policies," claimed an MLIT official.

Further, the MLIT will roll out all necessary measures, such as the establishment of companies at the regions and the creation of a domestic transport network for promoting exchange and the flow of goods within and between regions and bases related to transport, in a bid to activate local economies and boost dynamism at the regions in the country.

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