Jul 1, 2014

IACT launches ramp/passenger handling biz

The International Air Cargo Terminal Co. (IACT) has established the new Ramp/Passenger Handling Business Unit through the realignment of its organization today, July 1. The new business unit debuted in the market as the result of the integration between the Narita office of its subsidiary Skyport Service (SPS - headquartered in Tokoname, Aichi Pref.) and the related business division of IACT. It aims to promote the effective utilization of management resources and further enhance service quality. With regard to the ramp handling service, despite the call for the lowering of prices from the market, fierce competition is still being waged at Narita International Airport (NRT) amid the limited pie as there are no new services and significant increases in flights from the major network carriers. Under the new system, such service will be offered as an "IACT brand" service toward business expansion.

The staff of the new business unit will be made up of three employees from the related business unit of IACT (the umbrella administration division of the ramp business) and 98 from the SPS' Narita office (8 from SPS and 90 from outsourcing companies). The personnel, ground support equipment (GSE) and other management resources of the two firms that are related to the ramp handling business will be utilized in an integrated manner. With regard to the GSE, the machines used by SPS at NRT will be used by IACT under lease. The office will be housed at Units M1011 and M1091 at the ground floor of the main building of the NRT's Passenger Terminal 2 that used to be rented by IACT.

The new business unit will continue to adhere to its hitherto system of undertaking operations/jobs that are entrusted by airline companies. Specifically, it will handle "passenger handling" such as work at the check-in counter, "equipment maintenance/support work" such as the towing/guidance of aircrafts, "ramp handling" of ramps used for air cargoes and hand-carried items, and "onboard/cabin cleaning." The actual field services are outsourced.

Thus far, IACT has been outsourcing the field services to SPS and SPS then subcontracts these field services to another entity. Under the new system, IACT will directly manage the subcontractors and team up with the outsourcing companies in enhancing service.

Of its shares in SPS, which is engaged in ground handling services at both the Chubu and Narita Airports, IACT took over 49% of the shares owned by Mitsubishi Corp. effective March 10 this year, transforming it into a complete subsidiary. SPS will concentrate on services at Chubu Airport in the future.

At Narita, one of IACT's jobs will be to provide ramp handling services to the low-cost carrier (LCC) Spring Airlines Japan. The start of the service has been pushed back to August 1 from the initial plan of June 27, but the company is coping with the change in schedule by introducing new GSE and taking part in test flights. IACT has a stake in Spring Airlines Japan.

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