Jan 8, 2015

American Airlines/Hawaiian Airlines respectively applied for route permissions between Haneda-LA and Haneda-Kona

Hoping to access redistribution of the airport slot for daily operation (one each for outward and inward flight) for the Haneda-Seattle line of which the service by Delta Airlines (DAL) is currently suspended, American Airlines (AAL) and Hawaiian Airlines (HAL) respectively applied to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in order to launch Haneda-Los Angeles and Haneda-Kona services. Last month, DOT decided to conduct a review on public interests following the suspension of DAL's Haneda-Seattle service.

AAL insisted on the public nature and legitimacy of opening the new Haneda service, referring to its eighty-year history of its Los Angeles-based services and its operation of around 200 flights per day to/from Los Angeles Airport, saying that "the market scale of the Los Angeles-Tokyo service is around five times as large as that of the Seattle-Tokyo service". It is planning to operate B777-200 for the scheduled Haneda-Los Angeles service.

On the other hand, HAL intends to operate flights between Haneda and Kona from June 1st using an A330-200 aircraft. HAL already operates a service between Honolulu and Haneda. HAL asked DOT to redistribute the company the landing slot of DAL on the basis of the market data, pointing to the fact that its Haneda-Honolulu service "has achieved considerably better results than other companies, even if it is not the only one".

The detail of the planned schedule for the Haneda-Kona flights submitted to the DOT is as shown in the table.

As for the operation rights of international flights to/from Haneda, Japan and the U.S. have agreed on distributing to airlines of each country airport slots corresponding to a daily total of four passenger flights for the midnight and early morning time slot (from 23:00 to 06:00). As for the American part at present, DAL has one daily slot to Los Angeles and one to Seattle, while HAL has one for the Honolulu-bound service and the United Airlines (UAL) holds one to San Francisco.

Regarding airport slots at Haneda, following the retreat of AAL from the service to New York JFK at the end of 2013 which has made the corresponding slot vacant, UAL and HAL respectively applied for San Francisco-bound and Kona-bound route permissions, as a result of which UAL succeeded in obtaining this slot and started operation from October 2014.

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