Jan 22, 2015

Turkish Airlines to start using new warehouse

Turkish Airlines new cargo terminal (Istanbul)
Inside the warehouse

Turkish Airlines (THY) started running a new cargo terminal on January 1 in Istanbul. The transition of cargo operations from the old cargo terminal is expected to be fully completed within a few weeks at the earliest. The annual cargo handling capacity at the new terminal is about 1.2 million tons. Dedicated areas for various special cargo handling and storage were designed, including temperature-controlled storage, animals, hazardous materials, valuables, radioactive substances and fragile cargo.

Temperature-controlled cabinets correspond to four temperature zones: minus 21 degrees, 0 degrees, 2-8 degrees and 15-25 degrees.

The total area of the new cargo terminal is 71,000 sqm (including air-side and ramp-side areas). The warehouse itself is 43,000 sqm. The special storage spaces total 3,000 sqm. Special cargo ULD reposition area of 700 sqm is provided.

Future capacity expansion is possible, and can be tailored to increased levels of cargo. If a rack system is additionally introduced, the capacity of each of the export and import areas can be expanded up to 2.5 times the current size. The area for the special cargo can be extended to three times and the entire warehouse can be extended up to six times its current space.

The number of workstations has increased 250% compared to the old terminal. Height-controllable workstations (height can be lowered) were introduced, aimed at simplifying and making more efficient stowing operations. The capacity became 5.5 times bigger than that of old warehouse which had a ULD base. Also, by simplifying the flow line between the landside and airside, they were able to improve connectivity.

Entrance gates to the terminal were set up at 53 locations, and special cargo gates for things such as THY Express products "TK Plus" were also set up. The width of the vehicle entrance area is 42 meters, which can reduce congestion and help coping with acceptance of a large number of vehicles.

Regarding the timing of the completion of the transfer of cargo terminal operation, a person who is in charge at THY headquarters said, "Some relocation, which does not directly affect cargo operation, including some offices, still remains", and "That will be completed within a week. The entire transfer to the new cargo terminal is going to be completed from sometime between the end of January early February."

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