Feb 10, 2015

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Builds a Warehouse in Indonesia

Artist's rendering of the completed Indonesia warehouse

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings announced Feb. 9 that it will build a distribution warehouse in Indonesia. Hankyu Hanshin Logistics (Indonesia), which was jointly established by three companies in the group - Hankyu Hanshin Express, Hankyu Corporation and Hanshin Electric Railway, operates the warehouse as its owner. It will be located in MM2100 Industrial Town in a suburb of Jakarta, Indonesia. Construction will begin in March and completion is scheduled to be in December. This is the first project Hankyu Hanshin Express has undertaken in cooperation with other core business companies in the group.

Prior to the warehouse's construction, Hankyu Hanshin HD established the warehouse company Hankyu Hanshin Logistic (Indonesia) in August in 2014. It was capitalized at $13 million. The ownership stakes are 15.4% for Hankyu Hanshin Express, 67.7% for Hankyu Corporation and 16.9% for Hanshin Electric Railway. Hankyu Hanshin Express will be responsible for the practical business management.

This is the first time for Hankyu Hanshin Express to get involved in Hankyu Hanshin HD's international transport core business with a collaboration of other core business companies in the group. By making use of the financial power of Hankyu Corp. and Hanshin Electric Railway, being responsible for real estate core business, and establish a logistics base which is capable of providing effective and mobile services, and plan business expansion in the ASEAN market.

One of the business strategies in the current- and medium-term management plan of Hankyu Hanshin HD is developing overseas markets, and in particular, it is committed to expanding its business scale in ASEAN. This is also the first foreign expansion for the core real estate companies, and Hankyu Corporation and Hanshin Electric Railway are taking this project as an opportunity to strengthen efforts to gather information on the real estate business in the ASEAN region and to seek business opportunities.

The planned site for the warehouse is situated in MM2100 Industrial Town, which is quite close to the center of Jakarta, and it has excellent access to sea ports and airports. Some 180 companies, mostly Japanese, have already moved into and begun operations in the industrial park. The facility has a lot area of 18,210 sqm and total floor space of 11,855 sqm (single-story construction). Low-temperature facilities will also be built. The main merchandise to be handled include automotive parts, medical equipment, electric components and commodities.

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