Feb 16, 2015

Vice president Katanozaka named to become next president of ANA Holdings

Shinya Katanozaka, vice president and representative director

At a special board meeting held on Feb. 13, ANA Holdings decided that vice president and representative director Shinya Katanozaka will be promoted to president and CEO effective April 1. And on the same date, incumbent president and CEO Shinichiro Ito will become chairman and executive director and board chairman Yoji Ohashi will become an adviser.

During a news conference on Feb. 13, next president Katanozaka said, "ANA has achieved growth by always taking on challenges in new business areas. The appeal of ANA is its power to grow. I would like to manage based on the keywords of safety, customers and growth."

He went on to say, "International air routes will now be our main target. And with regard to cargo, we want to establish new bases in Okinawa and the rest of Asia and grow extensively overseas. We would like to grow each business division centered on international air routes."

(The details of the news conference will be featured on Feb. 17)

Brief CV: Shinya Katanozaka. Started at All Nippon Airways in April 1979. After working as revenue management manager, Marketing Office, Sales Promotion Headquarters; human resources manager; managing director; and senior managing director, he assumed the office of vice president and representative director. He was born in Kagoshima Prefecture and is 59 years old. He graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law.

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