Apr 15, 2015

Large Scale Organizational Change in May - Nippon Express

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. on April 10 announced that it will carry out the first largest scale organizational change in 53 years of its history on May 1. Its purpose is to establish one stop service system to maximize overall corporate power of land, sea and air. Since April 2013 the company has been undertaking the company-wide task "Nippon Express Group Management Program 2015 - Reform and Breakthrough" on the major basic strategy to further expand Nippon Express global logistics business and refresh management. Organizational change is intended to drive forward this undertaking. Since May 2014 restructurings have been made in Kyushu, Kansai and Chubu regional organizations such as to incorporate Fukuoka Marine Branch into a compound business. In the May restructuring, Kanto regional organization will be reorganized incorporating new Air Transport Business Branch and Marine Transport Business Branch after dissolving the conventional Air Transportation Division and Marine Transportation Division in the same region together with the existing Land Transportation Division. Through this restructuring one stop service system will be completed on a nationwide level.

Headquarter will also be reorganized. Existing five-divisional system comprising Operation, Domestic Business, International Business, Network Service, and Administration will be restructured to three-divisional system of Global Operation Strategy, Overseas Business, and Administration. Global Operation Strategy Division will newly establish Business Development Department and Industrial Marketing Department to strengthen the development of new businesses or products which will become the future primary sources of revenue and to enhance marketing functions. Overseas Business Division will newly establish Global Forwarding Planning Department and Global Logistics Department to further strengthen overseas business.

In the field of regional branch organizations, Kanto will newly establish 1st and 2nd Operation Development Departments and Logistics Development Department to more speedily meet clients' needs in collaboration with onsite offices. Chubu will establish Automotive Logistics Branch specialized in the clients related to automobile and will also launch Chubu Operation Development Department to deal with various industries including aerospace industry.

■Yutaka Ito, Director will assume Executive Deputy President. Jiro Nakamura, Executive Deputy President, and Hideo Hanaoka, Managing Director, will retire.

On April 10 Nippon Express announced that the new executive appointments will be revealed together with the organizational change on May 1. Akira Ohinata, Executive Deputy President & Representative Director will assume Head of Global Operation Strategy Division. Jiro Nakamura, Executive Deputy President & Representative Director and Head of International Business Division will retire. Yutaka Ito, Director & Executive Officer in charge of Air Transportation Division and Overseas Planning Department will assume Executive Deputy President & Representative Director and will supervise overseas business as Head of Overseas Business Division. Hideo Hanaoka, Managing Director & Executive Officer in charge of Marine Transportation Division will also retire.

Takaaki Ishii, Managing Director & Executive Officer who will assume Executive Director & Executive Officer, will also assume Head of Air Transportation Business Branch newly established after dissolution of the former Air Transportation Division and Marine Transportation Division. He will combine with Head of Kanto Regional Organization. Katsuhiro Terai, Executive Officer who will assume Managing Director & Executive Officer, will also assume Head of Marine Transportation Business Branch.

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