Apr 15, 2015

New Panama Canal to kick off commercial operation in April 2016

Jorge Quijano, CEO of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), was recently interviewed by Daily Cargo in Tokyo, where he disclosed the likelihood of the commercial operation of the new Panama Canal taking place in April 1 next year. The ACP has thus far said that the expanded canal will kick off its commercial operation in the first quarter of next year. Quijano claimed that construction at the new canal is progressing smoothly and that test operation at the canal is set to begin next January.
Quijano came to Japan to attend the 24th advisory board meeting that was held by the ACP in Tokyo last week.
According to an announcement released by the ACP on April 9, delegates, including top ACP executives, came to Japan and held talks with external advisors comprised of shipping-affiliated entities from various countries. At the meeting, opinions were exchanged about such matters as the operation and performance of the canal, expansion plans, and the progress of operator trainings. The ACP reported that they have installed lock gates on all eight terminals facing the Atlantic Ocean side, so 88% of their plan is already complete.

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