Jun 12, 2015

Suzue launches local subsidiary in Mexico

Suzue Corporation (headed by its president, Takahiro Suzue) announced on June 11 that it has established the logistics company Suzue Logistics Mexico in Zacatecas, Mexico. The new company will engage in the businesses of cargo transport, logistics services inside factories and forwarding.

The Mexican subsidiary was established through full capitalization by the Suzue Group. Its capital of 6.26 million Mexican pesos (about Y50 million) will be funded 99% by the Suzue Corp. and 1% by Suzue Container Transport. The subsidiary is hoping to capture demands in the logistics operations of manufacturers who are making a foray into the mega industrial complex at Zacatecas, as well as to create a system that will address the diversifying logistics needs in the country.

As for future developments, the company claims that it plans to open a One-Stop Service Center (OSSC) inside the above industrial complex that will provide such facilities as warehousing, offices, simple lodging houses, conference rooms, cafeterias and customs stations.

As a neighboring country of the U.S., the second largest automobile market in the world, Mexico is strategically located as an export and manufacturing base to North America, South America and Latin America against the backdrop of its abundant workforce. Suzue decided to make a foray into Mexico upon determining that an increasing number of Japanese-affiliated companies are entering its market in view of the projection that the country's automobile market will continue to grow henceforth.

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