Mar 3, 2016

YLK opens LC in Ichikawa-Shiohama

YLK has started operation at Ichikawa-Shiohama LC by transferring function at Atsugi LC

Yusen Logistics (YLK) has established Ichikawa-Shiohama Logistics Center (Ichikawa-Shiohama LC) in Ichikawa, Chiba, by transferring its function at Atsugi Logistics Center (Atsugi LC), leading to scale expansion of its warehouses. The measure is aimed to garner new customers and as a result of the contract expiration of facilities at Atsugi LC. The scale of Ichikawa-Shiohama LC has been enlarged from 4,000 to 5,000 sqm. The company intends to accelerate the contract logistics (CL) business in Japan by promoting sales to the existing clients and finding new supply chain-related customers congregated around the LC.

The opening ceremony was held on March 1 in the presence of Hiromitsu Kuramoto, president of YLK, and Toshiyuki Kimura, executive managing director. Atsugi LC was closed as of the end of last February.

Ichikawa-Shiohama LC, abutting the Tokyo metropolitan area as with Atsugi LC, has an advantage because it is located midway between Narita, Haneda airports and Tokyo Port. While The warehouses of Atsugi LC had a 4-stroy structure, the new LC operates on one floor of 5,000 sqm, realizing minimization of traffic lines and reducing damage risks. YLK will propose to leverage the LC as a hub for export and import, utilizing merits of proximity to getaways to international logistics and consuming area.

Against a background of the recent transferring of LC facilities, there is a steady growth of CL business in the Japan district. YLK established logistics sales department in April 2013. Up to then, the company's CL business was only the extension of terminal business (transit-type) contingent to export/import forwarding, accounting for just a small share of sales. In a bid to grow to become a general logistics company, the company is focusing on the expansion of CL business in Japan as an important task, tackling the sales promotion and enhancement of function.

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