Jun 3, 2016

DHL Express starts world-class mega "Tokyo Gateway" operation

Tokyo Gateway (Koto-ku, Tokyo) has room for expansion in line with business growth

DHL started on June 2, 2016 operation of Tokyo Gateway (Tokyo GW) in Shin-Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo. The upgraded new facility is a replacement of Tokyo Distribution Center (TDC; located in Shin-Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo) which began operation in October 2002, and has doubled cargo handling capacity by introducing automated sorting machine, compared with TDC where cargo was handled on a manual basis. The company intends to link the new facility with room for space extension to its further progress in Japanese market, taking aim at the future business expansion.

The development of Tokyo GW was launched in July 2014, and part of its operation was kicked off in March 2016. The five-story facility is built on a site of 20,000 sqm (TDC was on a site of 11,567 sqm). The warehouse has a floor of 20,000 sqm (TDC: 8,000 sqm), and a per-hour sorting capacity of 12,000 cargo units (TDC: 7,500 units, handled manually) and 12,000 documents (TDC: no data of the counting, handled manually). It also has more than 200 monitoring cameras (TDC: more than 100) and a total of seven X-ray inspection apparatuses including five automated and two manual ones (TDC: three manual ones in total). According to the company, the devices set this time in the new facility were introduced for the first time to logistic facilities in Japan including DHL's. The investment in Tokyo GW amounted to 9 billion yen. The company will install bonded warehouses as well.

Minato Service Center for cargo pickup and delivery has been also established in parallel with Tokyo GW. Meanwhile, TDC will turn into DHL Tokyo Central Service Center for pickup and delivery.

TDC, having been playing a role of connecting the whole eastern Japan with Narita International Airport, has always been in full operation in accordance with the business growth. Tokyo GW is located at a distance of only about 5-minute drive from TDC. In view of the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership (TPP) becoming effective, the further expansion of economic partnership agreement (EPA) and the economic growth induced from Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games due to be held in 2020, the company will develop a new facility in Shin-Kiba area located halfway between Narita and Haneda airports, linking its advantageous location to garnering more demand in eastern Japan centering on the metropolitan district.

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