Nov 17, 2014

AirBridgeCargo targeting world's largest transport volume by 2030

AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABW) aims to enter the world's Top 3 in terms of transport volume by 2020, and then secure the No.1 spot by 2030. According to the company, the figures compiled by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) on the trade results for 2013 showed that ABW ranked No.15 worldwide in terms of transport volume on a ton-mile basis and No.12 in terms of sales. Now it aims to boost its share in the global market to 13% in 2030, from the 2.7% in 2014. ABW's targets were unveiled at the presentation of its business condition at the "AirBridgeCargo Airlines 10th Anniversary Celebration and Round-Table Japan" that was held by the Volga-Dnepr Group in Tokyo on November 13. The company is currently advancing the innovation of the aircrafts it owns and the reinforcement of its transport network to all over the world, including the Japan segment. With regard to cargoes originating from Japan, it has also kicked off trials to further shorten the transit time in the trade.

ABW owned 13 units of B747 aircrafts (seven B747-400F and six B747-8F units) as of November, with the age of the aircrafts averaging five years. It has generally been introducing two new aircrafts into its fleet annually, with its transport volume continuously ballooning every year. The company has online stations in 24 places. Under its winter schedule for 2014-2015, it has increased the number of flights to Narita, Incheon, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Munich, Amsterdam, Milan and Dallas by one flight per week, while those to Chicago have been boosted by two flights per week.

The company's cargo transport volume in all trade routes has been expanding every year since 2004, when it debuted in the market, with its average annual growth rate standing at 39% (33% in the Japan route). It expects to post a 15.5% year-on-year surge in cargo volume for the whole of 2014 to 400,000 tons. In the Japan trade route, the company increased its weekly flight frequency to three flights, from the hitherto two flights, in the Narita-Incheon-Moscow leg starting October. As a result, its ex-Japan cargo transport volume is projected to climb 14% from a year earlier to 13,000 tons.

As a member carrier of the IATA's Cargo 2000 (C2K), ABW also values the integrity of transport. Its "Delivered As Promised" (DAP) rate averaged 79% in 2014 (90% average for ex-Japan cargoes). The company aims to raise that to more than 80% in 2015.

ABW operates around 70 flights to/from Moscow per week. At present, it delivers cargoes within 48 hours from departure in Narita. Now the company recently created a dedicated team for this segment, which has been advancing measures to further shorten transport time in this trade.

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