About Us

Daily-CARGO.com, the online edition of the Daily CARGO is a comprehensive logistics information website that will move hand-in-hand with the newspaper-format Daily CARGO that started on April 1, 2009. Having a global scale, it captures logistics, where every minute counts, from various angles such as shippers, carriers, forwarders, terminal operators and IT companies, and transmits all relevant information to the world without interruption.

Daily-CARGO.com covers the latest news in the industry, which is published in the Daily CARGO (newspaper), every day (Monday through Friday). In the English edition, some news articles are picked up from the news uploaded in the electronic edition and then uploaded in English from time to time.

On top of the latest articles, Daily-CARGO.com also features an archive of the news published in the past, major statistical data, video news and other information that could be useful in business.

Information has no boundaries. The online edition of Daily CARGO is supported by all its readers worldwide. This portal captures information related to logistics that takes place anywhere in the world every day, as well as logistics information from the domestic Japanese market. Daily-CARGO.com, the electronic edition of Daily CARGO will leap to the world through the Internet.